Get paid up to €100 INSTANTLY when flight delays 60+ minutes

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Get real time and accurate information about your flights. Stay updated on departure/arrival times, gate changes, flight delays, and cancellations.
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Made by Colibra

Colibra is a travel app that pays you up to €100 for every 1+ hour flight delay. Just register your boarding pass pre-flight. Free of charge!
Use Before Take-off Add your flight no later than 20 min. prior to take-off & get real-time flight info about gate changes and time delays.
Choose Your Payout Use our default and guaranteed 60 min. payout feature or move time slider to increase the value of your compensation.
Agree to Share and Get Paid Colibra is a community of travelers who share their right to receive compensations for 3+ hours flight delays (under EU261) so they can get paid for flights no airline would compensate (1 to 3-hour delays).
Get Paid in 24 Hours Get compensated in 24 hours after landing with a 1+ hour delay or more. Any delay reason. 100% guaranteed!
Boarding Pass Wallet Collect all your boarding passes in one place. View flight details at a glance. Go paperless and use QR code to get through airport security.
Get Real-Time Info Never miss a flight update! Get notified for flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes. All free within the flight delay app!
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